Formula Interiors Online Induction

Welcome to the Formula Interiors online induction. All workers are required to successfully complete this online induction in order to enter a Formula Interiors job site to conduct work. Please read the induction material thoroughly and answer each question. In order to receive an Induction Number and/or Formula Interiors Identification Card, all questions in the assessment must be answered correctly. The induction process should take approximately forty minutes to complete.

Upon successful completion of the Formula Interiors Induction Program, workers will be issued with an induction number, which can be printed from this website on completion. This number is to be sighted by a Formula Interiors representative prior to accessing site and all contractors are required to record their number on the daily sign in register. Relevant workers will subsequently be issued with a Formula Interiors Identification Card (Photo ID). All workers will be required to complete an annual ‘refresher induction’ in the first month of every New Year.

Workers who have successfully completed this Induction may not enter any Formula Interiors site until they have provided HR with the following:
·         Current Licences (BSA, Electrical, etc)
·         Insurance Details
·         Certificates ( First Aid, Emergency Warden, etc)
·         Tickets (Elevated Work Platform, Asbestos, forklift, etc)
·         General Induction Card (White Card)

If this tag and/or pass is lost and/or found, it is to remain the property of FORMULA and is to be returned to FORMULA - 21 Wellington Road, East Brisbane  QLD 4169